About this Event
Ardor, the first production multi-chain platform and the first to implement sharding per application is about to unleash an important upgrade to its wallet design coupled with major usability and security enhancements.

The new release, which represents several man-years of development by some of the most experienced engineers in the blockchain industry, represents an important upgrade to the Ardor platform which was first launched on mainnet in 2018.
Join Lior Yaffe, core-developer of Ardor and co-founder of Jelurida, for a live demo of the new features suitable for power users, new users and blockchain developers.

The features we will demo include:

  • Redesigned wallet login page with Hardware and HD wallet integration
  • A new configuration editor
  • Enhancement to the shuffling feature
  • And more ...

How to participate?
After you join and during the webinar, you can post your questions in the Q&A section. Feel free to introduce yourself in the chat.

The session will be recorded. We will upload the recording to our Youtube channel afterward.