Our world. Moved by Java. 25 years of ongoing innovation

The world has been Moved by Java for a quarter of a century, but we’re just getting started. The pace of innovation of Java has only accelerated in the past few years, and projects like Amber (making Java more productive, expressive, and less ceremonial), Loom (making highly-concurrent applications easier to write and maintain), and ZGC (low-latency garbage collection) are delivering features into the hands of developers today, while longer-term projects like Valhalla (value types) have the potential to change the game.
Join Chad Arimura, Vice President of Developer Relations, to hear about the latest innovations in Java and what makes it the #1 development platform in the world after so many years.


  • 6.30pm - Welcome + intro by Francisco Picolini (Codemotion Community - Spain)
  • 6.35pm - Talk: Our world. Moved by Java. 25 years of ongoing innovation by Chad Arimura (VP Developer Relations @ Oracle)
  • 7.15pm - Introducing Hackathon and Challanges by Codemotion - Marco Pirrone (Technology and Innovation Advisor)
  • 7.20pm - Presentation of Tecnologies by Oracle - Sid Joshi (EMEA Business Development Leader for Cloud Native and App Dev)
  • 7.25pm - Q&A and closing by Codemotion


Chad Arimura (VP Developer Relations @ Oracle)
I am a 3x entrepreneur, most recently as co-founder and CEO of Iron.iowhere we grew a multi-million dollar ARR business helping pioneer serverless computing including some of the earliest usages of the term "serverless" in 2010. We sold the company in 2017 and joined Oracle.
On joining Oracle as Vice President of Serverless, I established the serverless organization, under which produced The Fn Project and laterOracle Functions, making Oracle one of the only major clouds to offer a functions-as-a-service platform largely built on upstream open source code. Once the serverless org was fully established, I moved to the Java Platform Group to help build out the developer relations team.

Sid Joshi - EMEA Business Development Leader for Cloud Native and App Dev
I'm an EMEA Business Development Leader for Cloud Native and Application Development at Oracle. I'm a passionate technologist and always keen on learning and sharing new ideas. I have 16+ years of experience in the field of Information Technology, in various roles such as Application Developer, Product Specialist, Sales Specialist, Delivery / Programme Manager to Enterprise / Solution Architect. Prior to his current role I used to cover breath and depth of technology stack from On-Prem to Cloud, from Tradition App Dev, Integration to Cloud Native and Innovative technologies such as Blockchain and Digital Assistants. I’ve rephrase of Heraclitus Quote - ‘There is 1 thing constant in IT that is Change – Keep Evolving and Growing!’