Vi aspettiamo Giovedì 5 Dicembre per un nuovo Meetup di Codemotion, dedicato al Design e Extreme Programming e ad uno dei periodi più infernali per un team IT: la gestione del Black Friday!

Capiremo quali sono le problematiche che mettono maggiormente in crisi i sistemi informatici e quali le best practices da mettere in pratica. Lo faremo con Matteo Vaccari, Senior Software Developer, e Sebastiano Trusso Forgia, Digital Solution Architect presso A.S. Watson Group.
L'iscrizione è gratuita ma obbligatoria ;)

18.30 Doors open and welcome
19.00 - 19.30 Matteo Vaccari *Senior Software Developer *
Simple Design: the Least Understood Practice from Extreme Programming

Delivering software faster and better than your customer expects is the goal of technical excellence. Extreme Programming's technical practices are the key: TDD, Refactoring, Pair Programming, CI and Simple Design. ... but ... what is Simple Design?!? And how to achieve it? Do the "4 rules of simple design" leave you wanting to know more?

19.30 - 19.50 Sebastiano Trusso Forgia Digital Solution Architect
Getting dozens of websites ready for Black Friday - a 360° overview

Black Friday is a big opportunity for the business but a huge threat for the IT department. If making a website survive the black friday is a challenge, think about having 21 websites for 15 different countries across Europe, all facing the same ridiculous wave of traffic at the same moment.
In this talk I will show what we in AS Watson eLab do to get ready for the Black Friday. From the adjustments of the hardware to the tooling, from the performance tests and the software enhancements to the organizational shrewdness, all the way down to that fateful day and how we experience it. Fasten your seatbelt!

**19.50 ** Aperitivo di Networking
Sponsored by A.S. Watson ![]

Codemotion Meetup è un'iniziativa di Codemotion in collaborazione con LVenture Group e LUISS EnLabs