• 18:30 - Presentazione GraphRM
  • 18:40 - "Visually analyzing identity graphs in the GPU era" -
    Leo Meyerovich @ Founder & CEO, Graphistry
  • 19:10 - Q&A
  • 19:20 - Chiusura Webinar

Visually analyzing identity graphs in the GPU era

From fraud to commerce, analyzing identity data is core to achieving many tasks. This talk shares examples of looking at relationships in identity data like logs and social media using GPU-accelerated graph analytics to achieve previously impossible experiences. Examples will include tackling problems like incident response, human trafficking, and COVID misinformation. Throughout, we’ll show examples of using the emerging GPU graph ecosystem (Graphistry GPU visualizations, RAPIDS GPU dataframes, StreamLit dashboards, and more). We’ll spend extra time introducing Graphistry’s latest project, graph-app-kit, for combining these together into self-serve GPU graph analytics dashboarding.

Talk in English.


Leo Meyerovich @ Founder & CEO, Graphistry

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