InnoIT Consulting is delighted to invite you to our meetup next Monday, May 6th at 18:30h.

Quantum Computation at IBM, present and future


The speaker will be Alberto García (Quantum Datacenter Operations lead and HPC-Quantum research at IBM).

Quantum computing is creating a world of possibilities for new technologies. To better understand them, we will provide an in-depth analysis of the current state of IBM quantum, with a particular focus on its potential impact on several industries, including healthcare, finance, and transportation. It is important to understand also the future trends and how we will arrive there through an overview of the future of IBM Quantum technology and the HW and SW roadmap that will guide its development.

Attendees will gain a first-hand understanding of the challenges of the IBM Quantum roadmap, explore trends, and map out the next decade Highlighting broader business trends the presentation aims to provide attendees with a relevant perspective, encouraging them to imagine the future and also their career paths realistically and achievable.

With time for a dynamic Q&A session and, of course, our networking with food and drink.

WHEN: Monday, May 6th at 18:30h
WHERE: Aticco Bogatell, C/ de Pallars, 108, 08018, Barcelona