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Dear all,

ML Milan is back at the end of November and we will explore Generative Models & graph DBs.
Events will be held in English with our classical format at Office.

“Is this the real life? A journey in generative models”

Modern unsupervised or semi-supervised generative models are emerging as one of the most interesting fields of research in machine learning. Their rapid evolution is rapidly bringing them closer to practical applications, and is also providing interesting insights into the working mechanisms of deep neural networks. We will see together the theoretical foundations and recent developments of these methods with particular reference to variational autoencoders and generative adversarial networks

Sebastiano Saccani, AIndo
Sebastiano Saccani is a PhD in Physics with extensive experience in numerical modeling and optimization. He worked for four years as a quantitative analyst and programmer for LIST Spa. Later he worked for two years as Data Scientist in Allianz Technology. He is now at the head of the development of Aindo, a startup based in Trieste solely dedicated to the development of techniques related to data science and machine learning.

Talk 2: “Python + Neo4j: How a Graph DB Can Make a Transit App More Intelligent”

Navid Nobani, Tabulaex
Born in 1987, He is graduated in Industrial Engineering, Management Engineering and Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. At the moment, he’s a Computer Science Ph.D. student at the University of Milan – Bicocca. Having experience in the automotive industry, currently, he works in the Labor Market Intelligence area as a data scientist at Tabulaex, a spin-off of the University of Milano Bicocca. From 2019, He collaborates with the University of Milan – Bicocca as lecturer in Python programming and text mining courses for Data Science Master. His field of research is Natural Language Processing and Mathematical linguistics. He is an active member of the Python community.