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Dear all,

ML Milan is happy to announce an event in partnership with NeurIPS ( where we will present most recent advancements of 2019 33rd conference held in Vancouver, streaming talks of the event and offering highlights of the whole event in a Fireside Chat style with Alex Honchar.

NeurIPS is one of the most important conference in machine learning and computational neuroscience and it is held every December.
Stay updated for additional details.

Alexandr Honchar

Alex Honchar is an AI practitioner and entrepreneur, working in this field for more than 6 years. He has worked as the data scientist implementing state-of-the-art machine learning models in European and American companies, as a researcher at the University of Verona who published multiple academic and blog articles and lately he pushes the field forward as an entrepreneur and founder of European AI boutique Neurons Lab.

Why have local NeurIPS meetups?

  • Reducing the need for air travel.
  • Growing AI expertise around the world
  • Creating opportunities for researchers and practitioners who cannot physically attend due to space, visa, funding, and time constraints.

Where? Join us on Saturday the 14th of December at Polimi - Edificio 6, in Piazza Leonardo. The event will start around 9.45 and it will be held in English

We are looking forward to see you at the event