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The hitchhiker's guide to asyncio.
Want to improve your understanding of asyncio? This talk is for you. We present the event loop, coroutines, tasks, async loops and context manager, describing their implementation in python and asyncio. Then, we provide practical tips about how to use async primitives in python applications.

By Emanulele Fabbiani
Engineer by education, Data Scientist by choice, researcher and lecturer by passion. I earned a PhD in Machine Learning by researching time series forecasting in the energy field. I was a guest researcher at EPFL Lausanne, and I'm now the co-founder of xtream, a Machine Learning consulting boutique. I published 8 papers in international journals, presented and organised tracks and workshops at international conferences, including AMLD and ERUM, and lectured in Italy, Switzerland, and Poland.

Build your first Python package with Rust
Are you tired of that colleague of yours that boasts about how great of a package manager cargo is, and how Python packaging ecosystem sucks in comparison? Or do you want to know how Python libraries with a Rust core like ruff and polars are built? You’ve come to the right place: we will guide you trough how to use PyO3 and maturin to package and publish your first, blazingly fast, rust-powered Python package!

By Luca Baggi
Data Scientist @Futura, the only stars he's a fan of are the ones he collects on his GitHub profile.