Per l'evento di questa sera, andremo live con due canali di streaming:

Dopo due mesi saltati, torniamo con un evento tutto live. Come siamo abituati a fare, proveremo a riempire la serata con due talk, brevi intermezzi e un'estrazione di un piccolo premio finale, cercando di alleggerire questa situazione pesante per tutti.

So you want to publish a TS library?

First step is to move the library from JS to TS, but then what about the rest? In this talk we’ll go through a journey that shows tips and tricks about types definitions, testing and types documentation based on a true story. Do not expect a talk with all the answers, rather one with many questions still unresolved.

Author: Marco Liberati, Visualization Engineer @ Linkurious

Cooking documentation, what’s the recipe?

Documenting Software has never been an easy job. How to organize and present contents usually is left apart from an activity - making documentation - which not everyone fall in love to.
Bad organization and presentation of documentation could be a huge obstacle also for premium contents. In the jungle of tools, Vuepress is an easy, clean and wonderful solution to cook, prepare and present documentation and make it easily usable.
In the talk we’ll go through what’s needed to cook a beautiful, usable and outstanding documentation.

Author: Manuel Salvatore Martone, Tech Leader @ Konica Minolta S.p.a.