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Avalonia: Beyond HelloWorld Samples
Techniques to build real-world applications

In this presentation, we will talk about the various advanced techniques in Avalonia to build real-world, production-ready applications. We’ll cover DataTemplates, Custom Controls, Templated Control, Resources, Styles, Triggers, Pseudo Classes, Performance considerations, and more

These techniques were used to build FintX (, a gRPC Test Bench desktop application built with Avalonia 11 and .NET 8.

Who is the speaker? Erik Araojo

Erik has been working with .NET starting back in the .NET 1.1 days. He has held several roles over the years. He has been a developer, tech lead, software architect, engineering manager/head - but mostly he just likes to code. He is a big fan of Avalonia and is looking forward to the day it replaces WPF :)

Twitter/X : @erik_dotnet
GitHub :

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