We're an Amsterdam based user group, with talks and events aimed at .NET developers. If you're a developer from Amsterdam, visiting Amsterdam or live close by Amsterdam, then it would be great to see you at one of our meetups.

This group will hopefully provide a hub for Amsterdam's diverse and thriving developer community to exchange ideas and keep up to date with the latest movements and shifts in software development.

New members from all backgrounds are very welcome. It doesn't matter if you are just started coding or have been coding for years. If you enjoy technology, software development, and would like to socialize with like-minded souls, come along to one of our events.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Check out our website or watch previously recorded meetup presentations on our youtube channel over here youtube recordings, but don't forget, it is way more fun to attend an actual meetup :-)

We now also have a discord channel for a chat online in between meetups