Otomi extends Kubernetes
with an advanced ingress architecture, a complete suite of integrated applications, multi-tenancy, developer self-service, and implemented security best-practices to support the most common DevOps use cases out-of-the-box with an OS X like experience

Otomi Container Platform offers an out-of-the-box enterprise container management platform on top of Kubernetes.

It increases developer efficiency and reduces complexity. It is a turnkey cloud native solution that integrates upstream Kubernetes with proven open source components. It is a single deployable package with curated industry proven applications and policies for better governance and security. With carefully crafted sane defaults at every step, it minimizes configuration effort and time to market. It strives to automate most (if not all) of your cluster operations, and includes application lifecycle management at its core. Day 2 operations can start at day 1 and can focus mostly on optimization and streamlining of performance. It is open source and transparent, allowing customization but also extensibility. Incorporating Open Source standards and best practices, it aims to bring new features and stability with every iteration. Otomi offers maturity and speed while still supporting customization if desired.

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