R-Ladies Italy is a joint project between R-Ladies Bari and R-Ladies Milan, two local chapters of R-Ladies global.

Our main goal is to support women and underrepresented gender minorities in data science and data analytics. We especially focus on showing people that, even in fields that were not traditionally data-driven, strong data skills can be an invaluable asset.

As part of the bigger, global organization, we follow and subscribe to R-Ladies global mission. As a diversity initiative, the mission of R-Ladies is to achieve proportionate representation by encouraging, inspiring, and empowering people of genders currently underrepresented in the R community. R-Ladies' primary focus, therefore, is on supporting minority gender R enthusiasts to achieve their programming potential, by building a collaborative global network of R leaders, mentors, learners, and developers to facilitate individual and collective progress worldwide.

R-Ladies Italy embodies all the above. Additionally, we recognize that, particularly in Italy, the professional role of the data scientist is still exclusively linked to traditional sectors, e.g., engineering. As such, we have developed an agenda that aims at proving newcomers with a more comprehensive view of all possible job roles related to data science and data analytics. We are organizing panel discussions and webinars asking professionals to share their experiences with the audience. By doing this, we hope to ultimately indicate new ways in which the gender gap in tech sectors can be filled.


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